New Electro-Polishing Process

  • By simon.popeandmeads
  • 08 Mar, 2016
Over the last 6 months Pope & Meads have been developing a new capability. It is a variation of electro-polishing that results in stainless steel parts being cleaned, polished and deburred.

We regulary supply parts to industries where burrs (even micro-burrs), imperfections in surface finish and contamination can cause real problems. Because we deliver these parts direct to the production line, they have to be perfect! Rather than typical labour intensive methods which can still be problematic, we decided to develop this new process.

It was important to us to develop a process that minimised damage to the material structure at the surface. Traditional mechanical polishing distorts structure and embeds polishing compounds into the material, this can affect performance of the finished parts and lead to contamination and/or corrosion.

When we are finished the parts are burr free, clean and have a completely passive, undamaged surface with a high lustre.

The process is quick and easy to run and a lot less labour intensive, this will lead to a cost saving and our customers will see the benefit.

If you have any questions or think we may be able to help please do not hesitate to   contact us.

By simon.popeandmeads 28 Mar, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Pope & Meads Ltd have been awarded employer of the year award for engineering by Hertford Regional College. It seems our apprentice training scheme and the quality of our teaching and facilities have been held in high regard. We have had a number of apprentices successfully trained over the last few years and there are further opportunities available.

If you are interested in a career in precision engineering or know someone who is, please get in contact. We are now looking for candidates to start at the beginning of the academic year September 2017.   

By simon.popeandmeads 15 Nov, 2016
Big investment in our CNC machinery. Above, 2 brand New Mazak CNC Lathes (250QSM & 300MY), which will extend our existing CNC capacity and increase our machining capabilities. Below is our new suite of Hurco Mills, we have invested in 2 more New VM10's and a VM20 with 4 axis. Additional to these purchases we will be taking delivery in January of 2 New Mazak Mills (2 x 430-A with 4th axis). We are very excited about the investments we have made and hope you will enjoy the added capacity of high quality machining. 
By simon.popeandmeads 25 May, 2016
New barfeeder being installed on our Mazak 200 QSM.

Along with the new retro-fitted parts catcher this should give us extra CNC turning capacity.
By simon.popeandmeads 08 Mar, 2016
Over the last 6 months Pope & Meads have been developing a new capability. It is a variation of electro-polishing that results in stainless steel parts being cleaned, polished and deburred.
By simon.popeandmeads 03 Feb, 2016
By simon.popeandmeads 18 Dec, 2015

A big thank you to Rob, Fluff, Lauren and Pete for wearing your festive attire today.

In appreciation Pope & Meads has made a charitable donation to   Text Santa   an organisation that raises money for Macmillan Cancer Support, Make-A-Wish & Save the Children.

Merry Christmas guys

By simon.popeandmeads 12 Nov, 2015
Pope & Meads goes small,   really   small!
By simon.popeandmeads 29 Sep, 2015

We're always looking to improve the range and quality of services that we are able to offer our customers. Increasing the variety of equipment we have available in the workshops is one way we are able to achieve this.

We've just added a Star SA12 to our list of machines, a sliding head CNC lathe, which will significantly increase the volumes of small-turned parts we are able to engineer. We have also added an Axiom CMM to our inspection kit which will allow us to increase inspection throughput.

By simon.popeandmeads 27 Aug, 2015

Pope & Meads' very own "Captain Micron" has retired from the company after 48 years. Graham Akers, who progressed from apprentice to Quality Manager in his time at Pope & Meads, joined the company in 1967 and earned his nickname for his adherence to quality control.

"Graham will be missed not only by his colleagues, but also by our customers with whom he had a great reputation" said Nick Ellis. " We wish Graham all the best for his retirement."

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