Our experience within the defence industry has been providing a number of different finished assemblies, kits and individual parts to customers. These are then either used within larger assemblies or simply repackaged and dispatched. Critical to working in this industry is providing appropriate documentation; manufacturing control plans; material and sub-contract  traceability; and inspection reports, whether that be first article or critical dimensions only. 


We provide a number of complex machined parts for use in satellites and space shuttles. This work requires us to machine components to extremely tight tolerances, as well as supplying certificate of conformity containing inspection reports and full material traceability.

Scientific instruments

A key feature is to supply direct to the production line, quality is critical, so we clean, test and verify standards to minimize defects. We supply individual parts, kits and assemblies for electron microscopes, magnetic field cancelling systems, bio reactors and biological sample storage systems. These products are all cost conscious while requiring very high standards of finish, cleanliness and precision both machining and assembly.


We provide a 24/7 call out fast response service. Often to assist when production lines breakdown, we can replace most parts within a matter of hours, minimising our customers’ disruption. We also provide on-site support were necessary. 

High end Automotive/motor sport

We machine very complex components often to very tight deadlines. CAD/CAM and simultaneous 5-axis machining is often required. Our sister company Abbey Precision specialise in this industry.

Film Industry

A mixture of general and precision machining, often with different treatments and surface finish requirements. We provide Electro-mechanical assembly and service repair of machines.

General Commercial

Other industries we are involved with:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Steel production 
  • Flight Simulation
  • Food Industry
  • Vibration equipment
  • Metrology
  • Medical
  • 3-D printing

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